Patient Resources

Orthodontic treatment can be a very exciting time, but we know it can be difficult to remember all of the guidelines we provide while you are in the office. We have provided all of our important patient information sheets here on our website for your reference. If you have any questions about your appliances, please reach out to our office.


Bionator Info Sheet

Bite Plate Instructions

Bluegrass Appliance Info

Cetlin Appliance Instructions

Clear Retainer Instructions

Elastics Instructions

Hawley Retainers Instructions

Headgear Information

Invisalign Instructions

Lingual Holding Arch, TPA, Nance Appliance Information

New Patient Information

No-No List of Foods & Reminders

Palatal Expander Information

Separators Instructions

Thumb Habit Appliance Instructions

Top 10 List of Do’s & Don’ts

W-Arch Appliance Instructions